How to Shorten Your Period

Girls often found themselves in an awkward condition with the irregular, long duration periods. Nothing to worry about, there are so many tracks that you can take to shorten the length of your period and that too naturally. Following are given some of the different methods.

Regular Exercise: It has been seen that the women who are in the habit of exercising daily have much shorter periods than those who don’t exercise at all. Exercise not only shortens their periods but also keep them from menstrual cramps and pain. They enjoy the regular periods as well. So, what are you waiting for! Make a start from today.

period How to Shorten Your Period

Have a Healthful Lifestyle: Your health largely depends upon your lifestyle. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle to spend a healthy life. Healthy lifestyle demands nothing much from you. You have to take care of your diet, stress free life, ample rest, and quitting bad habits such as smoking, drinking or drugs etc. This all contributes to your healthy life. Relying on green vegetables and healthy nutritious diet than processed food will help you shorten your periods. Eating iron rich foods is extremely helpful in shortening the periods in women.

Use Birth Control and Medication: There are majority of pain killers and other oral contraceptives are available such as Aleve and Naproxen. Aleve is particularly used by women to decrease the menstruation pain. Remember, such medications always have some side effects attach with them such as stomach bleeding, asthma, rashes, facial swelling and certain other allergic symptoms.

Birth control pill is another type of oral contraceptive used to shorten the periods. Most of the doctors prescribe birth control pills to prevent pregnancy; however, it is also prescribed for altering menstruation cycle. These pills are normally prescribed to the women with irregularities in menstruation periods. These pills are available in two packs, i.e. 21 pills pack and 28 pills packs. The 21 pills normally contain artificial hormones that help preventing the periods. However, the remaining 7 pills don’t contain any hormones which allow the periods to occur.

Another birth control pill called mini pill or low-dose progesterone pill also helps to control the periods. There is a mini-pill that is specifically used for altering the periods as this pill shorten the occurrence of period from one cycle per month to one cycle for every three months. However, a woman can recommence the periods by stop taking the mini-pills.

It is suggested not to take any of these pills without consulting your doctor. The side effects of each of them can be severe so better talk to your doctor first before get on with these birth control pills.

Drink lots of Water: Another way to alter your periods is by keeping yourself hydrated. Drink as much water as you can as it is also good for your overall health. Besides drinking lots of water, also avoid taking diuretics like coffee, sodas, and alcohol which are not good as far as periods are concerned.

Above mentioned are some of the different ways that you can employ to shorten your periods. It is better to go for natural ways to rectify your problem rather than rely on the medication as medication usually associates with side effects which further worsen the conditions. So, having a healthy lifestyle will certainly help you shorten your periods. However, if medication is required, always consult your doctor before getting on with it.

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