How to Delay Your Period

While you enjoy a special hour or vacation at places of your desire you must had to deal with your period. Whether you believe or not, there are certain things you can try to delay your period credibly for a couple of days.

Role of hormones

If you’re taking pills to control pregnancy try to regulate your cycles, they can also work for adjustment of your cycles, a phenomenon known as ‘preponing’ that makes your menstruation to occur abortively. This kind of use is suggested only in those cases where pills are taken for a limited time — some five months and have successfully regulated the hormones there.

Mensturation How to Delay Your Period

Over the course of a normal menstrual cycle, bleeding occurs by the time progesterone levels start dropping. This implies that if you want to avoid bleeding keep your progesterone levels high somehow.

Take up with your practitioner to sort out preponing your menstruation. He will most probably prescribe supplements to cause progesterone levels drop earlier. Usually the levels drop seven days earlier your period, so accurate tracking of your cycle is a prerequisite. Also you need to be well informed of any side effects, if they are there, in preponing your menstrual bleeding.

It would be in the fitness of things to program your preponing about half a month prior to the significant date. This implies that you have sufficient time for the bleeding to take its effect.

As an alternative, you may need shifting to ‘Seasonale,’ a kind of birth control pill that expands your menstrual periods to just four times a year. For that you’ll have to give your body sufficient time to get used to new medication.

Bring about menstruation

You can in fact cause menstruation employing natural remedies. Prepare parsley tea by immersing parsley in a container of hot water for about half hour. Have 3 to 4 cups of concentrated parsley tea daily unless your menstruation sets on.

Losing weight

Women following a low calorie diet program or those rapidly losing weight can have delayed menstrual periods at ease. Drastic loss of weight may in fact cause women to exhibit disturbed menstrual schedule.

On the other hand, fat women with poor dietary background may have lapsed periods as a consequence. Truly speaking, no doubt, it would be much in the fitness of things to endeavor to lose those extra calories than doing the reverse.

Menstrual Cycle How to Delay Your Period

Don’t get stressed

Stress or tension is a major cause of missing periods among women. The reason for it is that stress causes estrogen level to plummet that leads you miss your period. This method is however not very appropriate in case the important day you wish to drop your period such as your wedding day or an occasion that demands your best looks and performance!

Regular physical workout

Sportswomen usually skip their period owing to the tough exercises they have to have their bodies undergo. The extraordinary lower body weight also causes irregularity of menstrual cycles. However, a normal person who does not undertake the same kind of stress such as athletes can occasion menstrual periods through a routine of workout.

Establishing a pregnancy

If you are willing to be pregnant before your special day passes away, it is taken for granted that you are not going to have any more cycles till delivery!

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